heirloom coat/black

heirloom coat

the heirloom coat is nipped in close then shaped out to a medium full hem creating a shift in volume that emphasises the waist.
a timeless shape, this coat will be impervious to the whims of fashion
wear it till the lining falls out, have it replaced and then store it for you daughter when she's all grown
this coat is fused, lined and reinforced with canvas to hold its shape

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8 33″ 24″ 35″
84cm 61cm 89cm
10 35″ 26″ 37″
89cm 66.5cm 94cm
12 33″ 24″ 35″
94cm 71cm 99.5cm
14 33″ 24″ 35″
99.5cm 76cm 104cm

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heirloom coat/black