A bit of background for anyone who's interested: After studying architecture at the University of Auckland I side-stepped and began a career in fashion under the guidance of Marilyn Sainty, starting my own label in 2002. In Marilyn's workroom I learned traditional tailoring techniques and an appreciation for natural materials needed to create modern clothing of the highest standard.

My collections remain limited: they're small - very low key, without fanfare - but I try very hard to make them as good as I possibly can. Instead of a collection based on a look or narrative, I like clothing that is more about the wearer and less about the development of a theme. In some ways it's easy to make elegant and classical clothes because these designs already exist. And on the other hand it's not too difficult to be original, as anything goes. But my hope is to make clothing that is both elegant and original. 

All Beth Ellery garments are handmade in New Zealand by skilled and trusted craftswomen which, I think, accounts for their quality. It's a slow and expensive process, but the standard of production here is extremely high and I don't want to sacrifice that. I've been designing, making and selling clothes in this way since the very start.

My hope? In twenty years time I still want to be making things that are new and interesting to me. I would like the label to continue to grow, slowly, and end up with an archive of beautiful clothing and a good bunch of satisfied customers and friends.